Stone Masonry Services

We provide stone masonry for construction projects throughout West London and all nearby areas. From stone banding and plinths to stone window sills and surrounding areas, we will ensure that your stonework is long-lasting and looks great. Our stone masonry services make the perfect addition to new builds and extensions and can also be used to repair deteriorating stonework.

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Stone Masonry Types


Window Sills & Surrounding Areas

Stone window sills are a popular choice, due to their aesthetic appeal, and long-lasting nature. Stonework is light on maintenance, meaning you get great value for money. We install stone window sills of every type and also cover all necessary stonework around your windows to ensure that the stonework on your home is seamless and durable.


Stone Banding Courses

A banding, or band course, is a horizontal stone band between bricks in a building. It can either be flush with the brickwork or project slightly from the side of the building. Either way, stone bands serve to add a layer of complexity to the architecture and break up the monotony of the brickwork.


Plinth Courses

We provide high-quality stone plinth courses for new builds and extensions. A Plinth Course is a course of stonework that forms the lowest part of a wall. They provide a base for construction, as well as serve an aesthetic role, improving the appearance of your building. We also offer plinth course repair and maintenance services to return your plinth to a healthy, beautiful state.

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